A big change is coming to parking


From 1 January 2018, the national parking laws are changing. The main difference is that the law stimulates payment for parking needs to be done in advance. This also effects parking using your mobile phone. The way the tariffs work are also changing: when you get close to the maximum parking duration, tariffs can sometimes increase dramatically (up to 10€ per minute).



This is discussed in the following article:

 What does this mean for ParkNow?
 How does it work?
 Can I extend my parking time?
 How much does it cost?
 Stay on top of your parking
 Parking via text won’t be available anymore


What does this mean for pay for parking by mobile phone?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered! You can still easily pay for your parking using ParkNow. We offer you an easy and convenient way to specify your length of stay. You can extend this duration wherever and whenever you want. We keep helping you to stay on top of your parking.


Why should I use ParkNow?

So why use ParkNow if you have to specify your end time in advance? Well, there are plenty of reasons, but these are the key ones:


With ParkNow:

§ There’s no more stress of parking

§ No more walks to the parking meter

§ No more searching for loose change

§ You can easily see how much your session costs

§ And check how much parking time is left

§ You can also configure reminder messages about your parking session

§ And extend your time wherever you are

§ Finally, there’s a much lower risk of an FPS*

*Instead of receiving a traditional fine for a parking offence, you will have to pay a fee for ‘occupying the public domain’. This fee will be called FPS – forfeit de post-stationnement and the amount of FPS varies by city.


How does it work?

With ParkNow you pay quickly and easily for your parking via the ParkNow app, your account page or by calling.

Via app

1) Open the ParkNow app

2) Confirm your location

3) Select the duration for the time you want to stay

4) Press pay*


Via your account page

1) Login to your personal account page

2) Enter your location

3) Select the duration for the time you want to stay

4) Press pay*


Through calling

Paying for parking via a phone call is possible for all customers with a registered ParkNow account. You can buy your parking session with ParkNow conveniently via our parking hotline. Simply follow the instructions given by the interactive voice service, enter the zone number where you are parking, the duration you want to stay, and pay for your parking session.


1) Call 01 70 71 26 86 (local tariff)

2) Enter the zone code where you are parking

3) Select the duration you want to stay

4) Confirm your payment*


*You will immediately receive a receipt as proof of your purchase. The generated invoice is accessible whenever you need it, in the app or on your account page.


Can I extend my parking time?
Yes, you can extend the duration of your parking action wherever and whenever you want. Simply use the app or call the ParkNow phone number again.


Via the app

1) Reopen the ParkNow app

2) Choose the duration you want to extend for

3) Press pay


Via your account page

1) Login again on your account page

2) Select the duration you want to extend for

3) Press pay


By calling

1) Call 01 70 71 26 86 (local tariff)

2) Enter the zone code where you are parked

3) Select how long you wish to extend

4) Confirm your payment



While you’re off enjoying your day, we take care of your parking. Parking officers check your license plate to see if you have paid. So make sure you enter the correct license plate into your ParkNow account.


How much does it cost?

Parking fees vary between different on-street locations and car parks. Paying for parking with ParkNow costs the same as paying at the parking meter, but ParkNow is much more convenient!

Download the ParkNow app for free.


Stay on top of your parking

For your convenience, we offer configurable reminder messages regarding your parking sessions. Set up your personal reminder profile via the app or on your account page. You can choose to receive free reminders via e-mail and push. Do you prefer a reminder by SMS? No problem! We can send you a text message for 0,20 €.

Example: 15 minutes before your parking action expires, we text you a reminder. If you need to, you can extend your parking duration easily via your mobile phone, without having to return to your car.


Parking via text won’t be available anymore

Unfortunately, from 1 January you won’t be able to start parking via text anymore. To start parking easily: download the ParkNow app or call 01 70 71 26 86.


Register now!

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