We bring our love for mobile parking to the city of love, Paris!


  • ParkNow, a BMW Group brand, is an intuitive application that offers residents or visitors a connected and more serene parking experience.
  • ParkNow was the entitled winner of the general grand prize at the Intertraffic Innovation 2018 and winner of the Smart Mobility category.
  • ParkNow service is available in 11 countries, with 22 million users and 1,000 cities worldwide, including 71 in Germany and 12 in France.

PARIS. As of May 2018,  ParkNow, the award-winning cashless parking app for on-street parking, introduces a new era in digital parking services in Paris, enabling residents and visitors to enjoy a comfortable and stress-free parking experience.


How will ParkNow’s cutting-edge technology simplify Parisians daily lives?

Since the launch of ParkNow France in July 2016, ParkNow is the fastest growing smartphone parking payment application in France. Its remarkable growth is due to a unique intuitive user experience.

Olivier Koch, ParkNow France Director, explains “We have decided to offer a fully dematerialized parking service offering the best navigation service. The design provides a smooth and fast user experience. Safeguarding payment methods and pre-registration of license plates, instant geolocation, end-of-session reminders and the ability to extend remote parking all contribute to ParkNow’s success worldwide.”

Vincent Salimon, Chairman of BMW Group France, is delighted with the arrival of the ParkNow service in Paris: “ParkNow, fruit of our strategy for sustainable and responsible urban mobility, is in strong harmony with the visions of the world’s major cities. ParkNow, DriveNow (car-sharing) and ChargeNow (access solution to the network of electric charging stations) significantly contribute to improving traffic flow, reducing the number of cars circulating in the city, offering premium and connected mobility solutions.”


ParkNow to set the tone for a cleaner and smoother capital.

With the introduction of the MAPTAM regulation and the emergence of intelligent cities, more and more cities acknowledge the benefits of cashless parking. Paris is thus linking up with a large number of cities that have introduced mobile parking. Since the beginning of the year the number of affiliated ParkNow cities has grown by 10 in five months only (Toulouse, Béziers, Vincennes and Bourges to only name a few), the reliability and simplicity of the ParkNow solution were reasons enough to persuade Paris council. By providing excellent added value to both cities and end users, the app enables municipalities to enter the digitization era offering new ways of parking. When it comes to parking, cities have many responsibilities. Residents, local businesses and visitors all need to be catered for. The efficient and fair management of traffic flows across the metropolis. And ‘fair’ means doing the right thing for pedestrians who suffer from poor air quality when pollution is high.

The recent implementation of ParkNow UMC Hub in Paris is a perfect example of how digital systems are bringing together parking information management and technology. The Hub connects and manages asset and access models, joining up information from zones, parking machines, permits and cashless options. It monitors parking behaviour and utilization data. Average duration times, high-density zones, price sensitivities, and on-street performance can all be analyzed for better management of the parking ecosystem.

ParkNow reduces the amount of circulating traffic, noise and exhaust emissions, as motorists quickly and easily find somewhere to park. 22 million drivers in 1 000 cities around the world agree. Olivier Koch, Managing Director at ParkNow France further shares his enthusiasm and explains: “Better city parking means less traffic, less pollution and less CO2 emissions for the environment, not to mention happy visitors in every city. ParkNow app and services offer peace of mind to motorists and councils and becomes the indispensable ally to cities over the world. It will for sure revolutionize parking in Paris.”


ParkNow to write the future of parking in France.

ParkNow France, alongside of the ParkNow Group, are the leading providers for on-demand and prepaid mobile payments for on and off-street parking worldwide. Millions of registered users use their combined services in thousands of locations around the world. Marc de Vries, CEO of the ParkNow Group, says, “We are always pushing forward the parking agenda with innovative new developments for our service, in tandem with our shareholder BMW”.


For more information, please contact :

Kelly Burns
Marketing Manager ParkNow France
01 70 71 26 99


Maryse Bataillard
Chef du service Communication Corporate
01 30 43 93 23

14 August 2019

ParkNow becomes PARK NOW

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22 February 2019

ParkNow joins NOW brand family of BMW Group and Daimler AG

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6 August 2018

Inauguration of ParkNow France’ new office.

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