On-street Parking

How does PARK NOW function on-street?

On-street parking with PARK NOW is easy and cashless. You can buy and extend parking time through the PARK NOW iOS app / Android app, via phone call or SMS.

The enforcement officer will check your license plate to see if you paid for parking.

Where can I find the zone number of my parking location?

Using the PARK NOW app and GPS localization, a zone is automatically chosen for your current location. Please check if the automatically selected zone number is correct and adjust if necessary. You can find the zone number on a sticker / sign at the parking meter or in the Cities tab.

Please note that at the border of two zones GPS locating can be slightly incorrect on your smartphone. PARK NOW cannot be held responsible for any parking tickets issued due to an incorrect zone choice.

Can I buy a permit in Limoges with PARK NOW?

Yes, you can buy a monthly permit valid in the whole Tempo zone on the PARK NOW app or on the PARK NOW website. This long lasting Tempo permit is valid for 31 days and costs 40 €. To buy these permits, please type in 87010 within the search bar.

Can I buy a week or month card in Houilles with PARK NOW?

You can buy a 7-day card valid within the whole Secteur Jaune by entering the zone code 61211 within the search bar for 15,60 €.

If you are a resident and you do have a resident sticker, you will be able to buy your weekly or monthly permit on the PARK NOW app or on the PARK NOW website from this summer on. This permit will be valid in the perimeter written on your resident sticker.

How does the parking via Telephone work?

Parking via phone call is available for all customers with a registered customer account. Buy time for on-street parking conveniently via our park-hotline. Simply follow the voice computer, enter the desired zone number and start your parking action.

Phone number: 01 70 71 26 86

IVR does not recognize my mobile phone number

Please make sure you are calling with the same mobile number you are registered with at PARK NOW. In case this does not resolve the issue, please contact our customer service. They will be glad to help you.

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