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Parking rules with a Mobility Inclusion Card – mention Parking

Free parking for people with disabilities

Since 08/03/2021, new rules apply to assert your free parking rights when using a paid parking spot in Paris: you must create a valid virtual HANDI ticket when parking with your vehicle.

If you are a Parisian resident with a disability:

you can register your vehicle at or by post at:
City of Paris / DVD / SSVP
Request for listing
22 rue du Château des Rentiers – 75013 Paris

If you are a visitor with a disability or an unregistered Parisian resident:

Take a HANDI ticket, free of charge, valid for 24 hours, via the PARK NOW app by using the “Consult rates” menu, the click on “start parking” to be able to select the HANDI ticket option (see attached illustrative screenshots)
For more information, visit Parking for people with disabilities.
Residents and Sedentary professionals
For Residents as well as Sedentary Professionals, the ticket is not valid in the whole borough, but only in the four sectors associated with this preferential rate.
We would also like to point out that a parking ticket taken up to 00:00 on a on D Day will in fact be valid until 23:59 on Day D-1
Paid parking for motorized 2-wheels

From September 01, 2022, paid parking for motorized 2-wheels will apply on public roads, in spaces dedicated to 2-wheel drive parking (2RM) or in the paid parking strip throughout Paris. This rule applies to motorcycles and thermal scooters. Parking rights at preferential rates are offered to residents, professionals and 2RM electric subscribers, similar to those applying to car parking. In the absence of payment of the parking fee, a parking fine (FPS) will be issued.

For more information, please visit

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