What is mobile cashless parking?

Mobile parking is the cashless and ticketless handling of parking actions on-street. Instead of searching for change and a parking meter, you can now simply buy parking time at the touch of a button with the PARK NOW app (on iOS app / Android app) or through a simple phone call or SMS.

What is PARK NOW?

PARK NOW redefines parking. Our aim is to achieve easy and stress-free parking, without the hassle of finding change to pay for your parking, be it on- or off-street. With the help of our PARK NOW Parking app, you can find parking close-by and pay without having to use cash.

Furthermore, you can you can buy and extend parking time with the touch of a button. No longer will you need to make a detour to find parking-ticket machines in car parks. Your parking history can be viewed within the app or through your personal account online. Parking couldn’t be more convenient.

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Our Customer Care team is available should you have any question. Please help us access your account in a more efficient way by providing your account reference number, license plate number and phone number

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On-street Parking

Can I buy a permit in Limoges with PARK NOW?

Yes, you can buy a monthly permit valid in the whole Tempo zone on the PARK NOW app or on the PARK NOW website. This long lasting Tempo permit is valid for 31 days and costs 40 €. To buy these permits, please type in 87010 within the search bar.

Can I buy a week or month card in Houilles with PARK NOW?

You can buy a 7-day card valid within the whole Secteur Jaune by entering the zone code 61211 within the search bar for 15,60 €.

If you are a resident and you do have a resident sticker, you will be able to buy your weekly or monthly permit on the PARK NOW app or on the PARK NOW website from this summer on. This permit will be valid in the perimeter written on your resident sticker.

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Does PARK NOW work on my device?

The PARK NOW app is supported on iOS 8 and higher (iPhone 4S and higher) and Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean). If you have an older device or another brand or operation system, you can always use our services via the website, where all functionnalities of the PARK NOW app are also available (buy your ticket – extend it – payment historic – licence plate change)

How can I change my license plate and change my car-icon?
  1. You can easily change your license plate without extra costswith the PARK NOW app. Always dreamed of ‘parking’ your own customized dream car? Choose your favourite colour and model, from pick-up to supercar. Click on ‘my profile‘ , next on ‘vehicles‘.
  2. Click on the vehicle and your license plate if necessary. Next you can choose what kind of car you want and in which colour.
  3. Click ‘save‘ to confirm.


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Parking in Paris

Parking rules with a Mobility Inclusion Card – mention Parking

Free parking for people with disabilities

Since 08/03/2021, new rules apply to assert your free parking rights when using a paid parking spot in Paris: you must create a valid virtual HANDI ticket when parking with your vehicle.

If you are a Parisian resident with a disability:

you can register your vehicle at or by post at:
City of Paris / DVD / SSVP
Request for listing
22 rue du Château des Rentiers – 75013 Paris

If you are a visitor with a disability or an unregistered Parisian resident:

Take a HANDI ticket, free of charge, valid for 24 hours, via the PARK NOW app by using the “Consult rates” menu, the click on “start parking” to be able to select the HANDI ticket option (see attached illustrative screenshots)
For more information, visit Parking for people with disabilities.
Residents and Sedentary professionals
For Residents as well as Sedentary Professionals, the ticket is not valid in the whole borough, but only in the four sectors associated with this preferential rate.
We would also like to point out that a parking ticket taken up to 00:00 on a on D Day will in fact be valid until 23:59 on Day D-1
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How do I learn more about how my parking costs are calculated?

Parking history
In your personal account via the app, you can find all your previous parking actions by tapping ‘Activity’ at the bottom of your screen. You can also add personal notes for your own reference.

After you’ve confirmed the purchase of a parking session, you will automatically receive an invoice as proof of purchase on your account. Your purchase history can be viewed by tapping ‘Activity’ at the bottom of your screen.

How do I recognize and prevent fraud?


Sometimes people will pose as PARK NOW to obtain sensitive information or steal money. We cannot stop this, but we can help you recognise such actions, such as phishing and smishing, in order to prevent possible damage.

How do I recognise fraud?

Fraud comes in different forms and there are several ways to recognise it.

Questions about account information

Fraudsters often try to get your login details via phishing or smishing messages. Think of an email, sms or a phone call which uses the name of PARK NOW and asks for your details. PARK NOW never asks for sensitive information such as your bank details or your login details.

Questions about money

All of the costs you make at PARK NOW are processed in an invoice for each parking transaction also available in a pdf format from the App or website. Always be careful with your credit card information. We never ask you to transfer extra money. If in doubt, check the sender’s email address, which should always be Or contact us directly.

With phishing or smishing – fraud that uses a fake email address or sms – you will receive an email or sms similar to how an email or sms from PARK NOW appears, even though PARK NOW didn’t send it. We always send emails from addresses ending with Always check the sender’s email address.

The messages may also include links that seem correct at first glance, but do not go to a PARK NOW website at all. And if you did not expect an invoice but one was sent to you anyway, always contact us.

Language and style

While scammers are getting better at it, you usually still find some errors in the message. A spelling mistake, an old logo… All signs that indicate that it is fraud. Note that messages that look perfect can still be fraud. Therefore, always pay attention to all of the other points. The logo below is the latest PARK NOW logo and is used in our communication.


Social media

False messages can also be spread via social media. Therefore, check whether the messages on social media really come from our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp. These are our accounts:

Experienced fraud? Report it to us!

Do you think you received a message from a scammer, or is someone using your account who does not have permission to do so? Report this immediately to customer service. Even if you see something suspicious and have doubts, we would really appreciate it if you share it with us. You can always contact customer service for this.

We are happy to help you and will do everything we can to get you back on the road without any worries.

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Personal account

How can I cancel my PARK NOW account?

We regret that you don´t want to use the PARK NOW service anymore. Since we always strive to improve our service and the opinion of our customers is very important for us, we would be very grateful for a short feedback on the reasons for your termination of contract. The contract with PARK NOW will be terminated with using the form below. If you order services based on a monthly subscription fee or other monthly recurring costs, then such services can be terminated as per the end of a calendar month subject to one calendar month’s prior written notice (unless otherwise agreed), by completing and sending the cancellation form that is accessible through the following link:

Please click here to cancel your account.

How do I deactivate my PARK NOW account?

Sorry to see you go! While there are 50 ways to leave a lover, there’s only one way to leave PARK NOW. Here’s how to deactivate your account in the app.

  • Open the ‘Account’ tab
  • Select ‘Personal details’
  • Scroll down and select ‘Deactivate account’
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions to deactivate your account

If you can’t find the deactivation button, please update your app in the Google Play/App Store then try again.

How do I deactivate my PARK NOW business account?
To deactivate a business account, please contact our helpdesk. They will help you cancel your account on the last day of the next month. We miss you already.

How can I reactivate my deactivated PARK NOW account?
We knew you’d come back eventually! To continue where we left off, contact us and we’ll be happy to get your account up and running again.

I don’t want to pay a monthly fee anymore. How can I change my membership?
No problem! You can switch to the Silver membership package, which means you only pay for the time you’ve parked (€0.25 transaction fees per parking session).

Do you want to pay per parking session instead?
Switch your membership in 3 easy steps:

  1. Open the PARK NOW app and go to ‘Account’.
  2. Go to ‘My Plan’ and select ‘Switch’ under the desired membership.
  3. Confirm your change
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Can I benefit from free session in Limoges via PARK NOW?

Yes, you can: simply buy less than half an hour of parking time during the free time period allowed. This counts for half an hour in the Rapido and Tempo zones during weekdays. Half an hour on Saturday in the Rapido zone and 1 hour on Saturday in Tempo zone. Your session will then be free (possible once per day, per zone and per license plate).

Why can I see a pending payment of 0,50 € on my bank account after registering?

When you register to PARK NOW, we check that you have a valid bank card by reserving 50 cents on your bank card. This amount is not debited from your bank account. Within 1 to 3 weeks (depending on your bank card issuer), this reservation will be automatically cancelled and no amount will be debited from your bank card.

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How do I sign up with PARK NOW?

You can sign up directly within the PARK NOW iOS app / Android app or through our website.

Sign up now, it’s free of charge.

You need your mobile phone number, license plate and creditcard details.

Can I join PARK NOW as a business user?

Yes. You can use PARK NOW as private or business user. During registration, choose the option “business” for business users. With the discovery package you can add one user and two vehicles per account.

We will introduce other packages in the months to come, packages that offer more features, flexibility and options. You can find a detailed overview of our offering here.

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National parking law changes

How does the new PARK NOW service work?

With PARK NOW, you still pay quickly and easily for your parking via the PARK NOW app, your account page or by calling.


Via app

1) Open the PARK NOW app

2) Confirm your location

3) Select the duration for the time you want to stay

4) Press pay*


Via your account page

1) Login to your personal account page

2) Enter your location

3) Select the duration for the time you want to stay

4) Press pay*


Through calling

Paying for parking via a phone call is possible for all customers with a registered PARK NOW account. You can buy your parking session with PARK NOW conveniently via our parking hotline. Simply follow the instructions given by the interactive voice service, enter the zone number where you are parking, the duration you want to stay, and pay for your parking session.

1) Call 01 70 71 26 86 (local tariff)

2) Enter the zone code where you are parking

3) Select the duration you want to stay

4) Confirm your payment*


* The generated invoice is accessible whenever you need it, in the app or on your account page.



How can I extend my parking time?

You can extend the duration of your parking action wherever and whenever you want. Simply use the app or call the PARK NOW phone number again.


Via the app

1) Reopen the PARK NOW app

2) Choose the duration you want to extend for

3) Press pay


Via your account page

1) Login again on your account page

2) Select the duration you want to extend for

3) Press pay


By calling

1) Call 01 70 71 26 86 (local tariff)

2) Enter the zone code where you are parked

3) Select how long you wish to extend

4) Confirm your payment



While you’re off enjoying your day, we take care of your parking. Parking officers check your license plate to see if you have paid. So make sure you enter the correct license plate into your PARK NOW account.

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