Parking in Grenoble

Discover cashless, ticketless and stress-free on-street parking with ParkNow in Grenoble. It’s made easy with the free ParkNow app, for Android and iPhone.

You can use ParkNow in Grenoble in the whole citycenter. For a detailed view of the area where you can park, checkout the map below. In the highlighted city zones you can buy your parking time in the ParkNow app. This way you’ll never have to walk anymore to the parkingmeter.

While you visit Grenoble, and enjoy the amazing view of the mountains, you pay your parking fees easily through your phone. Register your free ParkNow account and park within minutes. With the help of the ParkNow app, you only pay the actual time parked. Start and stop your parkingaction simple and real-time. You will never pay too much, and the costs can easily be paid by creditcard.

The benefits of mobile parking with ParkNow!

  • No need to walk to a parking meter
  • Stop searching around for loose change
  • Clearly displayed parking prices
  • Real-time information on how much parking time you have left

Parking became easier than ever. Buy and extend your parking time wherever and whenever you want to. You’ll immediately receive a receipt as proof of your purchase. The invoice is accessible whenever you need it, in the app or on your account page.

Are you already convinced of the benefits of ParkNow?

Join now, it’s free! Registration only takes a few minutes.

Where is ParkNow available?

ParkNow allows you to park in the orange, purple and green zones in Grenoble.

Benefit from geolocation, or use the zone codes below:

  • Orange zone : 38001
  • Purple zone : 38002
  • Green zone : 38003

Professional tariffs are directly taken into account and displayed as such for the payment in orange, purple and green zones after registration at the city council. Please have a look at the Grenoble’s website or more information.

Have a look at our location page for more information on where you can use ParkNow.

Download our app

The ParkNow app is available for Android and iPhone as free download in the appstores.

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