Parking in Saint-Denis

Parking in Saint-Denis is now a simple, flexible and intuitive experience

For on-street parking in Saint-Denis, choose PARK NOW, the n°1 parking application in Europe !

  • Download now PARK NOW app on Play Store or App Store
  • Register with your personal info and payment details. It’s free
  • Find the perfect parking spot. The parking area automatically displays in the app without having to type an area code
  • Select the desired parking time. Your receipt is available once your parking session is over in the PARK NOW app
  • No more hunting for the parking meter. Extend your parking session in one click from your mobile or stop it as you wish. The usual applicable parking time limitations in paying parking areas still apply
  • Manage your session in real time and keep up to date on the remaining time

The benefits of mobile parking with PARK NOW:

  • No cash, no ticket, no stress
  • No more having to look for a parking meter
  • Stop or extend your parking session from your mobile

With PARK NOW, you adjust your parking time according to your requirements and always keep updated on the amount you’ll be paying

Convinced by the advantages of PARK NOW ?

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Where is PARK NOW available ?

To park in Saint-Denis, use automatic geolocation or zone codes below :

  • 93201: Orange zone Centre
  • 93202: Orange zone La Plaine
  • 93203: Orange zone Pleyel
  • 93204: Green zone Centre
  • 93205: Green zone La Plaine
  • 93206: Green zone Pleyel/Confluence
  • 93207: People with Reduced Mobility (PMR) – All zones
  • 93207: People with Reduced Mobility (PMR) – All zones
  • 93208: Green zone Centre – Residents Fare
  • 93209: Green zone La Plaine – Residents Fare
  • 93210: Green zone Pleyel/Confluence – Residents Fare
  • 93211: Green zone Pleyel/Confluence – Business Fare
  • 93212: Zone Verte La Plaine – Business Fare
  • 93213: Green zone Centre – Education Fare
  • 93214: Green zone La Plaine – Education Fare
  • 93215: Green zone Pleyel/Confluence – Education Fare
  • 93216: All Green zones – Craftsmen Fare
  • 93217: All zones – Health Professionals

Visit Saint-Denis website for more information.

To know more about French cities where you can use PARK NOW, visit our locations page

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PARK NOW app is available for free for Android and iPhone on the respective stores.

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