Parking in Toulouse

La Ville Rose, Toulouse, didn’t earn its nickname for no reason. The city is beautiful, packed with many pink bricked buildings, such as the Saint Cyprien, Saint Aubin and Des Carmes, creating a unique cityscape. But there’s plenty more in the city to explore, like numerous churches, museums, and of course, the statue of Jeanne d’Arc.

You can use PARK NOW throughout the city of Toulouse. For a detailed view of the area where you can park, check out the map below. In the highlighted city zones you can start your parking action in the PARK NOW app, for Android and iPhone.

With the PARK NOW app, you have total control of your parking. Simply start your parking action once you’ve parked in real-time, and stop once you return.This way you will never pay too much, and the costs can easily be charged at the end of the month. This way you’ll never have to walk to the parking meter again!

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How does it work?

Our app has a simple start & stop functionality on street, so you don’t have to worry about the duration of your stay or display a paper ticket Thanks to the option of paying by the minute, you will never have to overpay again and can avoid unnecessary parking fines. Payment is conveniently organised via the app with a detailed report of your various parking sessions at the end of the month. Handy! Now you never have to search again for the right change.

Where is PARK NOW available?

Benefit from automatic geolocation services in app, or use the zone codes below:

  • City Center: 1 (visitor ticket taken in zone 1 valid for the entire downtown area)
  • Faubourg: 23 (visitor ticket taken in zone 23 valid for the entire suburb area)
  • Suburb Shopping area: 38 (visitor ticket taken in zone 38 valid on the entire shopping suburb area)
  • City center downtown area: 45 (visitor ticket taken in zone 45 valid throughout the downtown area)

Check out the Toulouse website for more information on zones. Also check out our location page to find out which other cities you can use our PARK

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How much does parking cost in Toulouse?

Parking fees vary per parking zone. In our app, you can clearly see the parking fees, parking times and the best priced options in your preferred area. There are two price levels in Toulouse, divided by the central area and the area surrounding the city centre. In the city centre, there’s a maximum parking duration of 2,5 hours. Fees vary depending on time period. Be warned the fees can have a major increase after a certain time period.The tariffs – defined by the municipality – are as follows:

Green zone (city centre)

Maximum parking duration: 2h30
€3 for 2h (you pay €0,10 for every additional minute)

High increase if the parking time is more than 2 hours
€12 for 2h10 (you pay €0,90 for every additional minute)
€21 for 2h20 (you pay €0,90 for every additional minute)
€30 for 2h30 (you pay €0,90 for every additional minute)

A minimum fee of €0,20 applies.

Red zone

Maximum parking duration: 5h00
€2 for 2h00 (you pay €0,10 for every additional minute)
€6 for 4h00 (you pay €0,10 for every additional minute)

High increase if the parking time is more than 4 hours
€9 for 4h15 (you pay €0,20 for every additional minute)
€16 for 4h30 (you pay €0,50 for every additional minute)
€23 for 4h45 (you pay €0,50 for every additional minute)
€30 for 5h00 (you pay €0,50 for every additional minute)

A minimum fee of €0,10 applies.

When do I have to pay for parking?

When paid parking applies, it differs per zone:

Green zone
From Monday to Saturday from 9am to 8pm.

Red zone
From Monday to Saturday from 9am to 7pm.

Parking at Gare Matabiau in Toulouse

Parking at the Matabiau train station? There’s one car park available where you can park for multiple days. Tariff is €43 for three days and €98 for a week. You can also use PARK NOW to park in the city centre, close to the station.

Parking at Toulouse Airport

Going on holiday or taking a business trip? Park and fly from Toulouse-Blagnac airport by using the airports own parking facilities or one of the many providers available. Visit the website of the airport for detailed parking information.

Are there any free parking options?

Parking in Toulouse is free of charge on Sundays, during national holidays, and during the first 15 days of August. Looking for a free parking option at the airport of Toulouse? Here is a pro tip: rent out your vehicle during your trip. If your car meets the requirements, you can put it up for hire, fully insured. You park free of charge and you also get paid for the driven kilometres if your car is rented.

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